It is a process in which you identify your desired goals, examine the current reality, explore the obstacles and options, and finally establish the will. The coachee establishes the goals and does the work necessary so that the goals become reality. I as a coach, walk alongside the coachee(s), and through reflective listening, probing, and dialogue help the caochee(s) achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Life Coaching – for people who want to achieve their life’s fullest potential,
a potential hidden most of the time behind self-imposed limitations.

Business coaching – for business people who feel stuck in one or more areas
in their business and need an objective person to guide them through reflective listening and good,
timely questions in achieving their goals.

Team coaching – the team is perceived and addressed as one unitary client system.
Consequently, beyond coaching each team member during a series of one-on-one relationships
within a team environment, a team coach is most performing when coaching the team itself
as a single entity or body.