23 November 2014
23 November 2014,


For the first time in Estonia, Strametz & Associates LLC together with Advance OÜ organized the Leadership Simulation, which is a highly experiential leadership training where leaders learn by leading and getting feedback on their leadership performance.

The Leadership Simulation is a realistic simulation of everyday leadership situations. In a business simulation both general management tasks as well as special leadership challenges are embedded in a story.

It consists of everyday life situations, in which participants learn through concrete experiences and expand their skills. Intensive feedback sessions enable participants to recognize the effects of their own behavior, and by reflecting on it to best use the insights for their own professional challenges.

The scientific approach of active learning is used throughout this training. This consists of learning by using different senses at the same time where every participant is included. The more senses you are using the higher the success of learning is.

Throughout the training there are short teaching segments that are chosen based on what was observed by the trainers during the simulation.

We had participants from companies like Ragn-Sells AS, Baltic Defence Center, Uus Maa among others. The feedback we received from the participants was encouraging so we plan on organizing this type of trainings in the future.